10 Ways to Make Money Online

Make Money Online, Virtual Real Estate Development, author Brought to You by Vred Voice

When it comes to earning money on the Internet, there are so many methods to choose from that it can be hard to know where to begin. Here is a narrowed down list of 10 ways to make money online with a short summary and pros and cons for each method. 10 Ways to Make [...]


How to Become a Personal Shopper

Small Business, author Brought to You by Vred Voice

Becoming a personal shopper is as simple as deciding to become one and then marketing your services. If you’re ready to go then here are a variety of ways to get your personal shopper services known about. Who to Shop For Once you’ve decided who you’ll be shopping for (the elderly, people with limited mobility, [...]


Advantages and Disadvantages of Web Templates Vs Custom Designed Sites

Web design, author Patrick

As long as there’s people saving money by purchasing web templates over custom designs, there will be people arguing about how stupid they are being. The worth of web templates has been a hotly debated topic among web designers for quite some time now. A debate largely fuelled by the inevitable drop in demand for [...]


8 Reasons to Become an Amazon Affiliate

Affiliate marketing, author Pierre Gartner

When it comes to site monetization, there are certainly a number of different alternatives. Affiliate programs are generally some of the most profitable and although it’s not a sentiment shared by everyone, my personal favourite would have to be the affiliate program offered by Amazon. The reason for my preference is simple, it’s the one [...]


The Top 7 Reasons You Should Begin a Vending Machine Business Today

Small Business, author Cameron

Starting your own business can be an overwhelming thought. And while you may have dreamed of this your entire life, making it a reality may seem too scary to take on. Many people like this turn to the vending machine business because of the credibility behind the industry and the help from experienced professionals who [...]


How Apps Can Make a Business Succeed

Performance, author Kirsten

When running a business there is an enormous amount of work to be done, especially if you are a sole trader, which is likely in the very early days. Apart from the expected tasks such as setting up a website, marketing, ordering or making products, arranging photography etc; there are hidden jobs which take up [...]


Nine Ways to Use Video Conferencing for Your Small Business

Small Business, author Charlie Adams

The Internet has provided small businesses everywhere with amazing tools to grow and succeed, like small business resources and education, social media marketing, cloud storage, and more. Lots of these tools help small businesses save money. If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, you know how important it is to save money when possible. [...]


How Much Should it Cost to Build an App for Your Business?

Marketing, author Johnny D

The mobile world is beginning to play a larger factor when it comes to success in business. Almost every major company, in every sector, has some sort of app that allows customers or potential customers to interact with them or their products on the go. However, if you are a smaller business you might see [...]


Tips for Starting a Profitable Soy Candle Business

Small Business, author Brought to You by Vred Voice

Now is the best time to start a candle business. Soy candles have become increasingly popular over the years for home décor, parties, and more. A candle business is a great choice if you are looking for an additional source of income, or are interested in starting a home-based business. Get Organized As with any [...]


Why Your Website Makes No Money

Make Money Online, author Clever Business Websites

Ever sat there and thought to yourself, “my website looks fantastic, but it makes me no money, why is that”? Well you wouldn’t be alone. Every year business owners spend vast amounts of money on designing and building websites which they think look great, but don’t perform as expected. What some business owners forget is [...]


Internet Marketing Myths vs Really Making Money Online

Make Money Online, author Brought to You by Vred Voice

You will make money online when you stop believing in all the myths and hype bandied about the Interent. The emphasis given to various misleading concepts by shrewd marketers seems to prove that their statements are real facts. However, many marketers repeat the same false statements simply to keep the myths alive for the sake [...]


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