Want to See Green in Your Wallet? Think Green Online!

Lots of trends come and go. Being green isn’t one of them.

There are numerous green business ideas to choose from. However, selling green can be a bit daunting and often misleading. Consuming more and selling more in a “green shop online” is not always eco-friendly.

It takes a while to decipher it all.

Although the term green is highly overused and misunderstood, it ends up being a really good thing. It means there is opportunity to improve, educate and help people both online and off.

Think you have to be a green expert or have a specific technical skill to succeed?

Think again!

A bit of capital, a little bit of leg work and some outsourcing may be all you need. I’ll stay away from products, which can be a big greenwash and may involve a bit more effort to get off the ground. Here’s three green online business ideas that involve varying degrees of work with a high potential.


Green Social Applications – Social media has also taken off in the last few years. People are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint or find local and green alternatives. If you can develop an application to promote a green cause or provide assistance in going green there are various ways to monetize it including purchases of the application or a donation.

Don’t have the technical expertise – not to worry, you can outsource the work to the best bidder.


Teleconferencing – Travel and business meetings are costly. They also have an environmental cost. Setting up online teleconferencing and communication services online is a great way to battle the energy crisis and save time too! You could do something as simple as selling voip services such as Skype, but there are many opportunities to provide local and large business with conferencing solutions.


Green Consulting becoming an eco consultant is easier than you think. You don’t even have to set up your own website. Worried about your lack of expertise? Don’t blink. You can get training really quickly and make a huge green impact (and also one on your wallet).

One example is Green Irene Eco Consulting. You can Be A Green Irene with their affordable training program for as little as $150 to $350 to get you started helping people green their homes or business.

Green is burgeoning, so the opportunities are not likely to go away. While there are some trends and fads, many things related to the green industry are probably here to stay. Here’s a small list of green industries and trends that are sticking around.

  • Energy & Fuel
  • Organic & Natural Food
  • Non Toxic Products
  • Lighting
  • Construction
  • Recycling

If you want more ideas or would like to expand on these, I’m always interested to offer my advice and suggestions. As you can see though, the ideas and opportunities are everywhere online.

Finding a niche offline is even easier. There are so many ideas and demands for green. If you have a green idea offline, you are likely going to need the internet to market it. If you can find your online niche you will line your wallet with green.


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