There are thousands of successful bloggers online who are making millions of dollars each month.If so many of them can become successful blogging then there should be a standard similarities between all these successful bloggers.

So, in this post vredvoice would like to discuss the best tips to make your blog successful in the shortest possible time.

tips for successful blog

Tip 1: Create Useful Content

If you want someone to share your content then it should be useful to the viewer in some way.

So, one of the question you need to think before starting to write your article is:

Whether the article I am going to write serves some purpose for the person who is reading it ?

It also gives you a immense satisfaction when you create a content which is being useful to someone in someway.

This also increases your blogs user engagement and referral traffic.


Tip 2: Unique Content

Now that you have found the idea which could be useful to your readers then the next thing you need to check for is whether it is unique.

That is, if there are already thousands of articles on the same topic then there is no reason for you to write it in the first place.

So, before starting writing your article check google the amount of articles already available on the same topic.

If there are less number of articles or the articles already available are of low quality, then I assure you have found your content.


Tip 3: Share your content

Now that you have created your unique useful content, the next thing you need to do is share your creation.

There are different ways to share your content, best effective ways which has proved to be successful are:

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  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Flip board
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram


The above mentioned list covers only the social platforms, you can also share your content in blogging networks.

Social platforms and blogging networks are free ways to increase your page views, you can also use advertising like google adwords and bing ads to share your blog.


Tip 4: Interlinking

Interlinking is one of the best effective ways to increase your blogs authority, interlinking is linking to your own blog pages within your article.

Wikipedia is one of the best examples for interlinking, if you see in wikipedia articles most of its words will be interlinked to different articles.

If you are a beginner blogger (you can see what I did here) then interlinking might be a new concept to you.


Tip 5: Backlinks

Creating quality backlinks like interlinking is another important factor to increase your blogs trust factor in front of search engines.

Backlinks are the  links redirecting to your blogs content from another website.

To put it more simple, in this article itself I have linked to different websites like adwords, wikipedia and bing ads.

These are called backlinks for those respective websites.

There are two types of backlink:

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  • Natural Backlinks
  • Artificial Backlinks


When a website links to your web content without any influence from your side then it is called a natural backlink.

For example you can see that I have linked to wikepedia in my above tip 4, it is a natural backlink for wikipedia.

On the other hand, artificial backlinks are the ones you create on other website through comments, guest posts…etc.

After, google’s penguin 4.0 update it is advisable to have natural backlinks more than artificial backlinks.


I hope I have covered the most important tips to make your blog successful, if I had missed any please let me know in the comment section below.


5 Tips to make your blog successful in the shortest possible time
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