FigureEight (formerly Crowdflower)  is a data mining company which uses machine learning and human loop to complete its tasks, so we can say that it is quite similar to  Ysense.

Is crowdflower scam?

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If you are a newbie and expecting to earn thousands of dollars then figureeight is not the right place to go, you should consider creating a website and monetizing it with adsense. Whereas if you just want to generate a pocket change, figureeight might work.

Ok, now to answer the question yes figureeight is not scam, it is legit and paying.



How FigureEight (formerly CrowdFlower) chooses task  for each user?

Tasks are shown based on the location of the user, there might be no tasks for some countries.

If you are from us,uk,canada or any other developed country, then you might be shown with some high paying tasks. On the other hand if you are a person from india,bangladesh,pakistan or any other developing country then you might not be shown with many tasks.

Tasks are also shown based on the accuracy . Once a user makes a mistake or loses credibility then the tasks shown to that user is limited.


What type of tasks are shown ?

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Most of the tasks shown in figureeight are answering questions, grouping deals, flagging adult content, surveying websites, watching videos and signing up.

The quickest and easiest task is answering questions but it is also prone to errors. Once you make a error then further tasks will be restricted and will be of low paying.

Users are limited to certain amount of tasks per day. You can’t do unlimited tasks with figureeight.

Tasks gets resetted every 24 hours.


Should we use FigureEight (formerly Crowdflower) or not ?

Before we come into a conclusion let us analyse the pros and cons of using crowdflower:


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  • Legit network pays on time
  • Partnered with popular networks like swagbucks, amazon mturk
  • High payout in the industry




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  • Takes a lot of time to become skilled contributor
  • High paying tasks are limited to skilled contributors
  • Tasks are not shown many times
  • Country restrictions to perform tasks



By analysing the pros and cons we can see that it is very hard to earn $500 with figureeight. Not only in figureeight, this applies to many other micro paying networks.

You need to work hours non stop performing tasks to make even a single dollar.But once you  get skilled enough you might be able to earn $500.

But, there is a catch here if you work non-stop you will be prone to errors, once you make a lot of errors then tasks won’t be shown to you.

so, the best advice for the people who want to be successful with figureeight is choose your task wisely.

Avoid the tasks which you think might lead to an error and perform the task which has a higher success rate.



Instead of signing up with FigureEight directly, we recommend doing FigureEight jobs through Ysense.

If you really want to make some good money online then the best way to do it is by creating a blog or a website. You don’t need to know coding to create a website.

To create a website in just simple steps check out this article: how to create a website without coding.

If you had used FigureEight (formerly crowdflower) before please let us know your views in the comment section below.

FigureEight Tasks Review: Can we earn more than $500 from doing tasks?