One out of every ten bloggers get banned by AdSense, but most of the time this could have been prevented. Maintaining your AdSense account becomes following these simple rules.

We all know how difficult it is to get our website or blog accepted by AdSense, so we should also put our effort to prevent getting banned by AdSense.



Rule 1: Original Content

This is a time tested and important rule for any website to be successful online.

AdSense is very strict with respect to this rule, any website or blog which publishes copyrighted content or images will definitely get banned by AdSense.

AdSense has now went to the extent that the links which you are referring to in your blog should also comply with this rule.

For example if you are referring to a link in your blog article called  and if that website has a copyrighted content. Then this is considered as a violation of AdSense policy.

So, to be on the safer side always examine the links which you are referring to in your blog articles.

Rule 2: Adult Content

Make sure that your website doesn’t publish any adult or obscene content. Not only your website the website which you are referring to in your blog articles should also follow this rule.

You might think this rule is very easy to follow, but there are many bloggers out there who have lost there AdSense account for violating this rule unknowingly.


Rule 3: Asking to Click Ads

You should not ask or force the users of your blog to click your AdSense ads in any form.

Common forms of this violation

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  • Flashy arrows towards advertisement
  • Click here link near advertisement
  • Showing content only after clicking ads
  • Placing ads near next page link


Above list are the common forms of violation, but there are more to this list.

So always make sure that your ads are placed in the right place of your website to prevent accidental clicks.


Rule 4: Unsupported Language

You should not display AdSense ads in blogs which publishes content in languages other than the AdSense supported languages.

so, before displaying the AdSense ads make sure that AdSense supports your blogs language.


Rule 5: More user content

It is highly probable that you might have not seen AdSense ads in forum based websites or auction platforms.

It is because AdSense hates websites where most of the content is created by the users of those websites.

So, make sure that the content created by you is always greater than the amount of content created by the users of your website.


Top 5 Rules to Not to Get Banned by Adsense
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