Amazon is one of the biggest online industry clocking over $100 billion each year in revenue, this is such a huge task which cannot be performed without a strong marketing strategy. So, in this post let us discuss the best strategies used by Amazon to market it’s products.


Amazon marketing

Targetted Marketing

Amazon being a global player in ecommerce industry, it caters to users from different regions of the world and belonging to diverse culture. So, it becomes obvious for Amazon to plan specific strategies for users belonging to different countries.

Amazon is truly a Glocal (go global act local) company meaning Amazon displays specific products for specific end users, with the help of cookies (these are small files which is stored in your computer when you visit a website).

Their website identifies what products a user is searching in it’s website and it shows to them again and again related products until the user buys that product.


Product Availability

Almost all products which we use in our day to day life can be found on Amazon, this increases their user base. Once amazon was just a ebook marketing website but, today their products are so much diverse such that it is literally hard to find a product which is not sold in their website.


Online Presence

Amazon is not only a ecommerce company, they also have many other subsidiary business online. Some of their online business other than ecommerce are:

  1. Alexa: This is a global website ranking company owned by amazon.It’s stats are highly trusted by people working in online digital marketing agencies.
  2. Amazon mturk : A artificial intelligence company where people are paid for performing human intelligence small tasks.
  3. Audiobook :  website where you can hear audiobooks online.
  4. Comixology: Comic book website
  5. IMDB: largest internet movie database bought by amazon in 1998
  6. Amazon aws services: web services company which is used many leading websites and cloud based apps.

There are also many other acquisition by Amazon like Junglee, Twitch, Goodreads, Woot and many other companies.The most valuable part of these acquisitions is data, with the help of big data analytics amazon will be easily able to market it’s products to targeted consumers.



This is one of the most important factor which plays a large role in success of Amazon, in which ever sphere they operate a large amount of trust factor is built by amazon.

Amazon is one of the most trusted brands online, this helps them gain returning and loyal users.More than 50% of users of amazon are repeat buyers, this is all due to their trust factor.

Their product reviews are also highly authentic, which are given by legitimate buyers this also helps in faster user transaction.With high quality standards for their sellers, amazon proves to be a buyer’s marketplace.



Another leading factor in amazon’s success is their user interface, page speed of their websites is extremely fast.

Page speed  is very important to be successful online, for every 100ms decrease in page load time there could be a 1% decrease in sales.Searching products at amazon is a breeze, with the help of their instant search results users find the products easily and this helps in faster transaction.

When searching or buying a product you will be able to find a section called “Inspired by your shopping trends”, “Related to items you have viewed”..etc.This helps in increasing the personalized shopping experience for users.


Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most used strategy by amazon to increase their user base, affiliate marketing is type of marketing strategy where online bloggers and website owners are paid for recommending products.

These bloggers or website owners who recommend amazon’s products are called as affiliates, affiliates are paid a commission only when their recommended users convert.

To know more about affiliate marketing you can check out my article affiliate marketing strategies and Affiliate marketing mistakes.


Email Marketing

This is one of the conventional marketing methods used by many, which is also used by Amazon. Since amazon has a large number of subsidiary companies they also have a huge amount of user data.

With the help of these valuable data, they use email marketing to acquire new users. Although this marketing strategy is used by almost all onlune businesses, amazon uses it by following some golden rules.

  1. They don’t spam their users with frequent emails.
  2. They don’t market unrelated products.
  3. Easy to unsubscribe from their email marketing list.

We hope we covered almost all strategies used by amazon to market it’s products, if you think we have left any please let us know in the comment section below.

Amazon Marketing Strategy Analysis For Dummies