A very cheap way to acquire a premium domain name is by registering a deleted domain or expired domain name.

So in this post let us discuss the best place to find high quality deleted and expired domain names.



Expireddomains.net is a popular expired domains website where each day thousands of domains can be found which are registered within seconds of releasing.

So, the best way to scour through this marketplace is to check the timing of the release of each domain extension.


expired domains


from the above image as an example for .com you can see that the time of dropped list is 18.52 PDT.

So, the best time for you to search deleted .com in this website will be 18.52 PDT. Similarly for each domain extension there would be specific timing.

Lot of the data in this website is predictive, so instead of relying wholly upon this data the best way to assess a domain is to check its archive.

web.archive  is a great website to check the previous history of the domain, this data is enough to assess a domain whether it is premium or not.



Moonsy.com  is another great website to find available expired domains. Through this website you would be able to get a lot of valuable data for a domain name like DA,PA,Alexa rank…etc.



The curated domain list shown in this website are ongoing Godaddy expired domain auctions. So these domains are not readily available.

Almost all domains shown in moonsy are premium domains that has a good resale value. So, compared to expireddomains.net finding a valuable domain in moonsy is a lot more easier.



FreshDrop is a combination of the above two websites. This gives you a complete list of available domains with valuable data.

fresh drop search

From the above image you can see that freshdrop has a very advanced search function. Which makes searching domain a lot easier.

Not only expired domains freshdrop also shows the domain which are under auction in various domain name marketplaces.


Where to find Deleted domains list which are available right now