A proffesional blogger is a one who gives more importance to smart work than hard work, so in this post vredvoice would like to bring to you one of the secret special recipe used by every successful blogger.

If you are a blogger who has just now started blogging or if you have been blogging for many years but still unable to gain good amount of visitors to your website then this post might be of good help to you.

Free and paid blogging networks helps bloggers to increase traffic, so in this post let us see which are the best blogging networks available right now.


Blogging Networks

blogging networks

One of the foremost responsibility for you as a blogger is to make your blog content reach your viewers  in the best way possible. Just creating good content is not sufficient for your blog to be successful, high amount of marketing is necessary for your content.

This is where the blogging networks come into picture, you might have used Facebook or Twitter or any other social  marketing sites to reach your viewers but using a blogging network is on a whole different level.



link vehicle review

Linkvehicle is another promising site for bloggers to earn money by writing articles for advertisers and brands.

linkvehicle reviews each and every site submitted to them before accepting, their review process takes 24 to 48 hours.Once your website gets accepted it is kept private until an advertiser buys an ad, you can either accept or reject the ad.

Their revenue model is 50:50 that is, 50% of the revenue generated through ad is to be paid to link vehicle.Mode of payment is through paypal (net30).

Join with linkvehicle through: signup linkvehicle



Triberr is a wonderful social networking platform for bloggers, here different bloggers form a group called tribe and promote each others content. The earning model is similar to linkvehicle, you earn by writing influential articles for brands and advertisers.

Each advertising campaign lasts for 30 days, triberr is free to use but they also have a premium membership plan for $10/month with a lot more features.

Sign up with Triberr: Triberr signup



fuelmyblog review

Fuelmyblog is another thriving community of bloggers where bloggers and writer can build their networks.They have been established since 2007, although their website design is simple they have a huge amount of traffic.

There are also different competitions held by fuelmyblog frequently, in which you can participate and earn prizes.

For more information you can see their FAQ section here: Fuelmyblog FAQ



tapinfluence review

If you are high end blogger with a lot of traffic and quality content then tapinfluence will be your right choice.They claim to serve ads from top end brands like Canon, Macys, Volvo, SEIKO, Publix, Hallmark..etc.

They also claim that they had worked with 1200 top notch brands, developed 12000 pieces of content uptil now and realized $24 million in earned media value.

You can sign up with tapinfluence here: Tapinfluence signup



blogdash review

Blogdash is similar to all other blogging networks established since 2011, they claim to have more than 200,000 registered bloggers.

They have a very good web design with a user firendly search interface, but their selection of topics are very limited.

It’s worth a try, you can register with blogdash here: Blogdash bloggers signup

BlogDash frequently asked questions: Blogdash FAQ



izea review

Izea is a well established and popular network platform, they claim to have made more than 3.5 million transactions.They claim to had worked with popular brands like Hallmar, ebay, SOLO, Dole, DELL….etc

Signing up with Izea is very easy, once you signed up you have to create your profile and start bidding on advertising opportunities.

Once your bid gets accepted by a advertiser you can start earning by recommending the advertisers link through your blog.

Payment is net 30 (within 30 days from posting content) and they support paypal.

Join IZEA:  IZEA for creators


Hub Pages

Hubpages is a popular network where writers get paid for the quality articles they submit.Rather than earning potential Hubpages helps in showcasing your writing skills and field expertise to a larger audience.

If you are a freelance writer then hubpages is highly recommended, a good profile in hubpages increases your chance of acquiring new clients.Publishing articles in hubpages is not that easy they have a large number of content guidelines for their users.

They also have a separate set of unofficial rules which you can see here: Hubpages unofficial rules

Some of their expected quality standards for your article:

  1. Minimum 700 words with atleast 3 images.
  2. Article should contain atleast one opinion poll.
  3. No duplicate articles



blogher review

If your blog content deals with informations related to women and majority of your audience are females, then Blogher could be a right choice for you.

Getting accepted in blogher is pretty tough since they have a lot of content guidelines, but once you get accepted earning potential is very high.

Some of their content guidelines are:

  • Content should be written by women or with demonstrated female audience.
  • Blog should consist of highly engaged readers
  • Updated weekly (preferably twice a week or more)
  • Should not place other ads above the fold
  • Hosted by a service that allows advertising

You can sign up for blogher through this link : Join Blogher

Best blogging networks professional bloggers should join