CPM : Cost per mile (Also called as ecpm (effective cost per mile) by some advertisers)

CPM is a type of earning model where we publishers get paid only to the impressions of ads. A impression is counted when the ad becomes fully visible to the user of your website.Generally, for every thousand impressions the cost is calculated.

For eg. If a CPM for an advertisement is $5 it implies that for every thousand impression of the ad the publisher gets $5.

Suppose, the number of ad impressions made by your website is 500,000 and the cpm is $5 then the revenue you earn is $500.

cpm ads

Who can use cpm ads ?

From the above introduction about cpm ads you can now understand that to generate a reasonable revenue by using cpm advertisements your website needs to have high traffic.

The range of pay for cpm ads is between $0.5 to $10 (this depends on the cpm ad network you choose)

Most of the cpm ad networks out there accepts publishers only with high traffic websites.

Exponential ads ( Formerly Tribal Fusion)


exponential advertising

Exponential ads formerly called as Tribal fusion is one of the best network with respect to CPM advertisement. This ad network is more than 10 years old in this industry and they claim to work with 88 of the top 100 global brands.

With high quality inventory of ads, Exponential gives its publishers high cpm rates and 100% impressions.Their user interface is also very good.

The only downside is getting approved by exponential ads is extremely difficult. They have very high standards for their publisher’s website.


Minimum Requirements to get approved

i)  Website Traffic of 500,000 unique users per month

ii)  Highly targeted and frequently updated content

iii)  Active user base

iv)  Professional and attractive site design

v)  Own top level domain url

vi)  Eligible to receive campaigns



  • Exponential pays it’s publishers 55% of the revenue generated
  • Minimum pay out is %50
  • Net 45 payment


Amazon CPM advertising

Amazon accepts only their affiliates for CPM ads, so you need to sign up for their affiliate program before publishing CPM ads.

You can set a target CPM for your ad units such that only when CPM is higher than or equal to your target CPM the advertisement will be visible to your users.

Best part of amazon CPM advertising is publishers can use a Passback ad code. A passback ad code is an alternative ad code which will be displayed when there are no CPM ads to display, this increases fill rate and also helps publishers to alternate between CPC and CPM ads.

The Cpm rates are approximately between $0.5 to $3

amzon cpm ads

Website Requirements

Substantial original content

A clear and consistent layout

A balance of more content and fewer ads

No pop-ups, pop-under, layered ads, redirects etc.


Amazon follows net60 payment, publishers are paid by direct deposit or check or amazon gift certificate.

Minimum Payout is $10 (direct deposit) or $100 (check payment).

For more info regarding Amazon cpm ads check : Amazon cpm ads FAQ




Criteo is a French based ad network platform founded in 2005, which serves ads based on Behavioral retargeting.

Retargeting means advertisements are highly personalized and served based on users previous internet actions. Personalized advertising helps in achieving high click through rate and high fill rate.

They claim to have more than 12,000 advertisers using their platform for advertising.

They also claim to have served more than 710 billion ads in the year 2015 and 1.2 billion unique users globally.

criteo review


Some of the notable advertisers using Criteo are Ebay, Expedia, Dell and many more.They also provide high CPM rates for their publishers and they claim to have made $22B post click sales in the year ending june 2016.

Sign up  for criteo : Criteo publishers sign up



3 Best CPM ad networks for premium websites with high payout
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