Domain and hosting reseller business is one of the most competitive business online and obviously it is also one of the highly profitable business online.

But, still this business is pretty shady and opaque, so in this post let us see what we should need to look into when we choose a domain reseller program and also the pros and cons of popular domain hosting reseller available presently.

best reseller program

Things  we need to look for when choosing a domain reseller

  • Global Presence and Domestic Popularity
  • Support
  • Plans and Pricing
  • ICANN Accreditation
  • Domain name Extension
  • Commission Structure
  • Features

Enom Reseller Program Review

enom domain reseller

Global Presence and Domestic Popularity:

Enom is without doubt one of the best domain name management service, established since 1997 it has it’s presence throughout the globe.

Enom is a huge company with thousands of resellers, few of their most famous resellers include Hostgator and Namecheap.


Enom customer support is 24/7, but they have a lot of mixed reviews both positive and negative regarding their support.

Client level support is not provided by enom, that is being a reseller of enom you have to have your own customer support for your clients.

Plans and Pricing

enom price

Enom has three types of plans

  1. Silver
  2. Gold
  3. Platinum

Enrollment fee for silver plan is $50, for gold plan is $199 and for platinum plan it is $795.

The difference between these three plans is that product discounts and dedicated account managers are available for reseller user’s with platinum plan, whereas it is not available for gold and silver plan users.

Check out their pricing plans here: Enom Pricing.

ICANN Accreditation

ICANN (Internet Cooperation For Names and Numbers) is a non-profit organization that is overseeing the maintenance and procedures of functioning of the internet, getting ICANN accredited is not easy there are only few registrars who are ICANN accredited and Enom is a ICANN accredited registrar.

Domain Name Extension

Enom support’s almost all popular domain name extensions available today and they also support popuar nTLDs (New Top level domains Eg: .guru, .ninja) available right now.

Commission Structure

Commission structure at enom is very flexible, there is no limit to set your own prices for domain names and hosting plans.


enom features

Enom is loaded with lot of features such as website builder, turnkey storefront, branded email, domain privacy protection, security & SSL and also easy to integrate API.They also have a very good user interface for their users.

Resellerspanel Review

resellerspanel review

Global Presence and Domestic Popularity:

Resellerspanel is a london based company established since 2003, it is one of the globally recognized brand when it comes to domain reselling business.It is owned by Liquidnet ltd. which is a ICANN accredited company.


ResellersPanel claims to provide round the clock 24/7 customer support for  their resellers and the clients of resellers.

But, there is a catch here if you choose resellerspanel cpanel hosting program then resellerspanel will not provide support for your clients.

Other than that resellerspanel provide all types of support : live chat, email and phone.You can check more about their support here: Resellerspanel support

Domain Name Extensions

They support most of the top level and popular domain name extensions worldwide and they also support some of the popular nTLD like .site, .guru, .ninja..etc.

Commission Structure

There is no price restrictions for the domain name and hosting products

Commissions for successful sales will be paid at the beginning of each month.

Supported payment methods are paypal, bank wire or wallet, you can select the currency through which you would like to be paid.


resellerspanel features

One of the positive factor to choose Resellerspanel is you don’t need to pay any upfront fee to setup your reseller account, that is you can start your domain reseller business without paying any deposit.

You can also host your own domain name which is registered with another registrar, they also claim to provide a responsive and customizable hosting store.

Reseller Club Review

resellerclub review

Global Presence and Domestic Popularity

Resellerclub is also a globally recognized brand when it comes to domain reselling business. Resellerclub is a company based in India, established since 1998.

If you are from India then this is the brand you can check out to start your domain reselling business.


Reviews with respect to resellerclub is mixed, it has a lot of negative reviews in the web with respect to hosting and also some positive reviews related to their reseller account.

But, based on reviews by users who we trust resellerclub has good support 24/7.

Plans and Pricing

ResellerClub has 4 types of plans, they are

  • Basic Slab : $25
  • Reseller Slab 1 : $499
  • Slab 2 : $1499
  • Reseller Slab 3 : $2999

The difference here is that the higher the slab you choose lesser will be the cost of each domains. You can find more about it here: ResellerClub pricing

ICANN Accreditation

Resellerclub is owned by Directi and it is accredited by ICANN, you can find more about that here: ResellerClub ICANN.

Domain Extensions

They support 700+ domain name extensions and various gTLDs (generic top level domains), ccTLDs (country code top level domains eg: .in) and premium domain names.

Commission Structure

Like other reseller programs Resellerclub allows you to set your own profit margin for your domains and hosting plans.

Users can make payments using PayPal and wire transfer.

If you are from India then instead of PayPal wire transfer would be a better option to reduce transaction fees.


resellerclub pricing

  1. They support white label registration, which means you can sell domains under your own brand.
  2. Allows sub-resellers
  3. User-friendly interface

If we find any other reseller programs which impresses us, we will add to this list. Please, let us know your views about these programs in the comment section below.

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