The three most used monetization methods of advertising for blogs are CPM, CPC and Affiliate marketig.

All these three methods have their own pros and cons.So, in this post let us discuss which is the best method to monetize your website’s traffic.



CPC Advertising:

CPC full form is Cost Per Click advertising, here as a publisher you will be paid for each click you recieve on the ad.

For example if a CPC for a display ad is $0.36 then for each click you will be paid $0.36.

The best ad network right now for this type of advertising is Google’s Adsense, although there are many ad networks adsense is the best trusted network.

Infact, if you see this page on the right you will be able to see a ad which is delivered by adsense.

Now, let us come to the main issue here : is cpc the best way to monetize your site?

The answer depends on a lot of factors and one of the major factor is the amount of traffic your website gets.

For example if your website recieves just hundreds of visitors per month then undoubtely CPC is a very good way to make your website a earning machine.

But, for a website getting millions of visitors per month then instead of cpc, CPM will be a better choice which I have talked about later in this post.



  • Suitable for websites with less traffic.
  • High earning potential.



  • Irregular and Unpredictable revenue clicks.
  • Accidental clicks


CPM Advertising

CPM advertising is also known as cost per thousand impressions (Here M denotes the roman numeral for the number 1000).

Here, the click is not counted only the impressions are counted.

For example, if a cpm for a ad is $3 then for every thousand impressions publishers will be able to get $3.

That is, if a website generates 50,000 ad impressions per month, then the earned revenue is $3 * 50 = $150.

Using cpm helps in generating guaranteed income with your website.

There are many reputable cpm ad networks which you can read from this article :

Everything you need to know about best CPM Ad networks



  • Guaranteed revenue
  • Every traffic is monetized



  • Earning potential is less compared to that of cpc
  • High traffic is required to generate even a decent revenue


Affiliate Marketing

You might have come across this term many times in web marketing industry, if you have not then you are missing one of the best way to monetize your site.

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where instead of clicks or impressions, leads are calculated.

If a user using your site clicks a ad and buys the product of the advertiser then that user is considered as a lead from your site.

For example,

As a publisher if you had signed up for Amazon’s affiliate marketing program then you display the amazon’s product banners in your website.

If a user buys a Amazon product by clicking your amazon affiliate banner. Then, the publisher will be paid a percentage of the product value.

This would be the best monetization method for product review site and niche websites.



  • Highest earning potential
  • Easy to sign up
  • Suitable for any type of website



  • Needs a lot of learning curve to convert a click into a lead.


If learnt well Affiliate marketing is the most profitable advertising method for your blog or website.

There are bloggers earning more than $10000 per month easily with the help of affiliate marketing.

Best Way To Monetize Your Site: Affiliate Marketing
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