Bityard concept is “complex contract, simple trade” and it is one of the very few exchanges which has a simple and easy to use interface for crypto-currency trading.

About Bityard

Bityard is headquartered in Singapore and has presence in more than 150+ countries across the globe. They also have famous Thai boxing champion Buakaw as their brand ambassador.


The major factor to look into in a crypto-currency trading exchange is it’s user-interface.

Bityard’s interface for trading is highly user-friendly and very much simple to use. Any newbie can understand the trading interface easily with just a few clicks.


The next important thing when it comes to choosing a crypto-currency exchange is to know how it is regulated.

Bityard scores good at this point, it is regulated and licensed by

  • ACRA in Singapore
  • MSB in USA (Financial crime enforcement network)
  • MTR in Estonia
  • AUSTRAC in Australia


Like other popular crypto-currency exchanges bityard also provides 100x leverage to trade bitcoin.

Not only bitcoin, users can also trade many other crypto-currencies with different level of leverages.

Currency InstrumentLeverage Offered
BTC/USDTupto 100x leverage
BCH/USDTupto 50x leverage
DASH/USDTupto 50x leverage
EOS/USDTupto 50x leverage
ETC/USDTupto 50x leverage
ETH/USDTupto 80x leverage
LINK/USDTupto 50x leverage
LTC/USDTupto 50x leverage
TRX/USDTupto 50x leverage
XRP/USDTupto 50x leverage

Deposits & Withdrawals

Bityard allows fiat deposits and also in many other mainstream crypto currencies. There is also no fee to deposit your funds.

CurrencyMinimum Deposit

USDT withdrawal is available and at the time of this article writing the withdrawal fee is 2USDT and minimum withdrawal amount is 50USDT


There are two kind of fees charged by bityard, they are transaction fees and over night fees.

The transaction fees charged by Bityard is highly competitive when compared with other major crypto exchanges.

The transaction fee is 0.05% and their formula for calculation is:

Opening Fee=Margin*leverage*0.05%
Closing Fee=Margin*leverage*0.05%

The other fee charged by Bityard is overnight fee. This fee is charged when the position is held for more than 12 hours.

Bityard Review: Simple Interface to Trade Complex Crypto Contracts
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