Generally when you are not earning well in AdSense, the first thing that crops up your mind is to block all the ads which belong to the low cpc category.

But, there is a strong reason against blocking low cpc ads. Let us discuss what are those in this short and concise article.



Reason 1: Less Ad fill Rate

Have you ever seen AdSense without displaying a single ad once it gets activated?

Nope, right.

That’s because AdSense has a 100% fill rate, that is once your AdSense account get’s activated there is always a ad ready to be displayed in your blog.

Now, AdSense is able to maintain it’s 100% fill rate because of it’s low cpc ads. Once you start disabling all these low cpc ads then AdSense will not be able to fill your ad space.


Reason 2: You cannot block all low CPC Ads

How will you block these low cpc ads?

I know, you might have already made a list of advertise distributors from many blogs.

These lists are not exhaustive, that is there are hundreds and thousands of ad-distributors ready to partner with adsense to display their ads.

There is always a replacement for the low cpc ads you block.Literally, you cannot block all the low cpc ads displaying in adsense.


Reason 3: Less CPC

CPC is cost-per-click, it is the revenue you get for a single ad-click.

AdSense works on real-time bidding model, that is various ad-distributors bid for your ad-space through AdSense.

When you block these low cpc ads then the competition decreases and you will be getting even lower cpc ads.


Reason 4: Less CTR

If you have not heard about CTR, full form of CTR is Click-Through-Rate. It is the ratio of clicks to total number of users.

Blocking low cpc ads makes it hard for AdSense to display relevant ads in your blog.When the ads are not relevant, you will be getting less number clicks.

So, what’s the point of displaying high cpc ads when your number of clicks gets reduced.


Reason 5: Blocking low cpc ads will not increase your cpc

Yes you read that right, blocking low cpc ads will not increase your cpc. AdSense works on second price auction model, that is each cpc is determined based upon real-time cpc bids by many advertisers.

When you remove low cpc ads then your cpc will become even lower and not higher.


I hope we have covered all reasons regarding ad-blocking in AdSense. If you still want to block low cpc ads you can block ads as categories in the block ads section of AdSense.

I would like to again emphasize that blocking ads involves high risk and can reduce your returns drastically.


Why you should not block low cpc ads in adsense (5 reasons)
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