In recent times a new term is doing rounds around the internet called “vlog” which sounds similar to a blog. This has led to two genre of internet marketers called Vloggers and bloggers.

Other than the nature of the content there is not much difference between these two terms. Let’s see what these two terms mean and what differentiates them.



A website which has content posts updated regularly, then it can be called a blog. Generally blog is used to indicate a website owned by a single author.

Authors or website owners of a blog are called bloggers. The nature of this activity is called vlogging.



When you have a website with video content more than the textual content then it can be called a vlog. Generally vlog is also owned by a single author.

For example, podcasts website.

Like bloggers the person owning a vlog is called vloggers. The nature of this activity is called vlogging.

Now that we have seen the meaning of both blog and vlog. Let us see the advantages and disadvantages of both blogging and vlogging.



Advantages or Pros of blogging

  • More than 50% of internet users find answers for their search query through blog.
  • Time required to generate content is less.
  • Not much resources needed to start a blog.
  • Page speed of a blog is greater than a vlog with the same content.
  • Hosting cost is less for a blog, when compared to a vlog.

Disadvantages or cons of Blogging

  • High competition.
  • Grammar errors can lead to less ranking in search engines.
  • Lack of creative elements: compared to a vlog, blogs are less-creative.
  • Prone to plagiarism: Since, contents of blogs are mostly in textual form they can be easily copied.
  • Hard to gain subscribers.
  • Basic knowledge of SEO is required to gain high traffic.


Advantages or Pros of vlogging

  • High-engaging content helps in reducing bounce rate.
  • Easy to gain followers and subscribers.
  • Easy to rank in search-engines.


Disadvantages or Cons of vlogging

  • Long time is spent on creating a single vlog video.
  • Hard to generate new content consistently on a daily basis.
  • Resources like high quality microphone, video editors, Audio enhancers…etc are required.
  • Need a higher-cost web hosting plan.
  • Page speed is low compared to a blog with the same content.


Difference between a Vlog and a Blog, which one is better?