Adsense is one of the best and trusted ad serving network at present and WordPress is the best open source content management software.In this post let us discuss why adsense is not allowed in a free WordPress website.

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What is a free WordPress blog or website?

For people who don’t know, WordPress is a platform to host your websites for free.

Mostly, the domain used for a freely hosted website is a sub-domain of wordpress that is

Eg. or….etc

You can also host your own domain at WordPress for free by using their domain mapping feature.


Why Adsense cannot be used in a free wordpress hosted blog?



The single and foremost reason for adsense being blocked in a free WordPress hosted website is Wordads.

WordPress has their own ad serving provider called wordads.

WordPress doesn’t want to lose their advantage by allowing adsense in their freely hosted website.

So, the only way to monetize a free WordPress hosted website is by using wordads.


Disadvantages of using wordads

  1. Wordads is a cpm based ad service provider that is, you only get revenue for impressions made by the ads and not for clicks. So, this is suitable only for high traffic websites.
  2. Low impression rates, compared to adsense wordads is not even close you cannot monetize your website to it’s maximum potential by using worads.
  3. Even if you have not applied for wordads still WordPress might display wordads to cover their hosting costs.
  4. Your website needs to have high traffic to even earn a considerable income through wordads.


How to use Adsense in a website running on WordPress?

So, from the above points you can understand that adsense cannot be used in a free WordPress hosted website or blog.

The only way to use adsense is either you have to buy premium hosting plan from WordPress or you can also purchase a hosting from other popular hosting providers like hostgator or godaddy, or bluehost.

After buying new hosting plan you can either install WordPress in your hosting cpanel or you can host your WordPress files through your hosting account.


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Why Adsense not allowed in free WordPress blog?
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