Chrome search shortcuts helps you access websites faster. Instead of bookmarking every website you visit, you can setup a shortcut for your favorite website.

For the sake of this tutorial let us learn how to set “vred” as a shortcut for vredvoice.


Step 1: Open Search Engine Editor

Right click on your search URL bar and select “Edit Search Engine” option.

Search Engine Editor


Step 2: Add Your Shortcut to the List of Search Engines

After opening the search engine editor scroll down to the bottom and you will find three tabs to add your shortcut.

  • In the first tab add a name to identify your shortcut, this can be any name.
  • Now, in the second tab type in the keyword which you want to use for your shortcut.
  • After adding the keyword, add the target URL for your shortcut in the third tab.
  • Press Done

Adding Search Shortcut to Chrome


Now your shortcut is added to the chrome search bar.You can access the website by just using the shortcut in the search bar.


A Short Tutorial On How to setup Chrome Search Shortcuts