In our review series today let us see about clixten, which is one of the most popularly used advertising network. Each day there are new advertising network popping up, but clixten is different.



About Clixten

Clixten is an advertising network launched in 1st November 2012. According to clixten there are more than 600000 active members in their kitty. Although this network is being used world over, it is much popular in Iran. Clixten offers revenue sharing and leads for promoted service.


Clixten for Advertisers

There are various types of advertising options for clixten users. Each type of advertisement is priced differently according to its reach and traffic. Let us see these 9 advertising types below.


Paid To Click Ads

This is the most common type of advertising which you see in other major advertising companies like clicksense.

There are four different price slabs for this advertising $2, $5, $10, $25 and $200. If you are just willing to pay $2 dollars then you get 4000 credits and for $200 you get 1000000 credits.


Fixed Ads advertising

In this type the price for a day of advertising is fixed and it starts from $5 per day and  up to 1550 per year.

In this type of advertising you get unlimited advertisements and regular intervals for the number of days you are paying.


Traffic Exchange

Clixten also gives you a way to generate traffic by exchanging your available traffic.

You should also be warned that this is totally not recommended in terms of google and other search engines. These types of traffic is also like paid to click ads which has no or very few conversion rate.

The most negative factor which you need to keep in mind when using traffic exchange or paid to click advertising is your website might get a penalty in google.


Paid to Sign Up Offers

This type of advertisement is also like traffic exchange or paid to click ads which has no value in it and might lead to getting your website blacklisted in search engines.


Login Ads

These are type of ads which are shown to people who login a website. Now, coming to these ads they are quite effective in generating traffic and also helps your product gain a good amount of exposure.

There are 4 type of price slabs for login ads:

  1. 1 day: $2
  2. 2 days: $12
  3. 14 days: $20
  4. 31 days: $30

You can choose the price slab you like according to your budget.


Banner Ads

These are one of the best ads for any website or service.Also, we all know that Adsense is the leader in this segment. Now coming to Clixten there price for banner ads is quite low and impressive.

But, if we compare AdSense to Clixten then AdSense wins any day. Like login ads, banner ads also has 4 type of price slabs.

  1. $2: 40000 credits
  2. $5: 100000 credits
  3. $10: 300000 credits
  4. $20: 1000000 credits

Comparing to all other ad types banner type of ads are highly preferable for high traffic conversion rate.

There are also three more options like featured text ads, features link ads and ClixGrid advertising. Which are not worth your time.


Is Clixten a Scam

No, clixten is not a scam they are paying and legal. Now, if you ask us can a user earn good amount of money with clixten, then our answer for that question would be NO.


Payment Options

According to the home page of their website, clixten members can cash out their payments through Perfect Money, Payeer, Payza, Solidtrust Pay or in Bitcoins.

They claim to have paid over $400,000 for their members. Which is comparatively less when compared to other leading advertising networks like Ysense.



The amount of money clixten pays for its members is very low. But if you have a lot of free time and just want to make few pennies in your leisure time then clixten is recommended for you. Other than that you should not expect to earn in thousands of dollars per month by just using clixten.


Clixten Review with Detailed Pros and Cons (Scam or not)