When we speak about affordable hosting two of the most popular hosting providers which pops up are Godaddy and Bigrock. Although these two companies provide similar services there are lot of differences between them.

When compared to Godaddy and Bigrock we recommend Hostgator since it is super affordable and you can also buy a domain name for just 1 cent.

To understand these differences we need to analyse each of these providers under different important features which comes into play when hosting our websites.


godaddy vs bigrock

Comparing Godaddy vs bigrock we can see a lot of differences in various features between these two popular hosting providers of India.


These Features are:

  1. Uptime
  2. Page Loading Speed
  3. Interface
  4. Customer Support
  5. Security
  6. Price
  7. Popularity



This is the  foremost feature which we need to look for when we choose a hosting company.

When we compare Godaddy and Bigrock on the basis of uptime guarantee there is not much difference between the two.

Both Godaddy and Bigrock assured to provide 99.9% uptime guarantee which is very good when compared to industry standards.


Page Loading Speed

If you want your website to become successful online then one of the major factor which determines this success is page loading speed.

There are lot of factors which can affect your page loading speed, two of the major factors are location of data centres  and  server speed.

It is very hard to generalize which is better on page loading speed, since it is different for different regions of the world.

If you belong to a country like India or United States then both Godaddy and BigRock perform well in page loading speed.

Although both Godaddy and BigRock have data centres throughout the globe.If you belong to any other country other then India or United States you have to check whether the data centres are located in your country.



When it comes to user interface we prefer Godaddy better than BigRock. Although both godaddy and bigrock provide cpanel interface, user friendliness is far more better in Godaddy than BigRock.

It is easy to get used to the interface of Godaddy and it just takes you minutes to perform different functions in godaddy.


Customer Support

If you search on google you might get a lot of negative reviews about both these companies.

But, to be honest these two companies provide good support online.

Once a company gets popular there will be lot of competitors destructing the image of the company.

so don’t go by the things you read on various complaint forums.

The fact is that both Godaddy and BigRock are trusted by millions of users worldwide and we also believe customer support of both these companies are really good.



With millions of websites getting hacked each day security is a very important factor when it comes to web hosting.

One of the popular attacks through which websites get hacked is called DDos attack with respect to this attack both godaddy and bigrock gives equal protection.

Godaddy provides features like site lock, search engine backlist monitoring and various other features: Godaddy’s sitelock feature.

Similarly Bigrock also provides various security features like data security,security scans, host security, firewall protection and various other features: bigrocks’ web security features.


Plans & Prices

If your main consideration is pricing then there is no comparison to HostGator’s $0.01 hosting coupon, but since this article is restricted to these two hosting providers let us discuss them in detail.

In terms of price between these two hosting providers Godaddy wins hands down with their $1/month hosting coupon with free domain name. By using this coupon users can get economy hosting for just 1$/month.

For shared hosting with linux, Godaddy provides four types of plans:

  • Starter
  • Economy
  • Deluxe
  • Ultimate


All these four plans are priced cheap. If you are planning to start a simple website with less number of visitors then starter plan or economy plan is sufficient.

deluxe or ultimate plan are for users who are planning to start a larger site and expect to gain a larger number of website.




Similarly BigRock also has a competitive pricing plan for both small and big publishers.

They also have a starter plan which is really good for people in India. They also have a pro hosting plan through which users can host unlimited number of websites.

Another positive factor of using BigRock is they provide 30-day money back guarantee.


Bigrock plans and prices



On the basis of Alexa ranking Godaddy is lot more popular than BigRock.

Godaddy’s alexa rank:


godaddy alexa rank


Global rank: 128

Rank in India: 24

BigRock’s Alexa Rank:


BigRock alexa rank


Global Rank: 6882

Rank in India: 641

So from this you can see that Godaddy is lot more popular than BigRock globally and in India.

So, considering all the above factors and based on your needs choose the best host which you like.

Godaddy vs Bigrock The Ultimate Comparison Which One is Better?