Handbrake is a simple but powerful video formatting and editing software which is also open-source.

If you are new to hand-brake, then it might be hard for you to make changes to it’s settings.

So, in this tutorial we will be seeing the best settings for handbrake to make it web-optimized.


Step-1: Change the main settings for Handbrake


  • Go to Tools => Preferences


  • Now choose the output files tab
  • You will find that the option Mp4 File Extension will be selected as “Automatic”.You need to change this drop-down option to “Always use MP4”


Step-2 : Open your source file


how to insert source file in hand brake

  • To open your source video file choose the open source tab in the top left corner and select File option.
  • The hidden options will become visible after opening your source file.


Step-3 Activating web optimized


web optimized activation in handbrake


  • Check the web optimized option which is near to the container tab.
  • Under the video tab the video code should be H.264.
  • Change the Frame rate (FPS) option from 30 to “same as source” option.


Step-4: Optimizing audio Bitrate


Audio bit rate in handbrake

  • Now, under the audio tab change the “Bitrate” from “160” to “128”.


Step-5 Adjusting the Average bit rate for video


optimizing the average bit rate in handbrake

  • Under the video tab select the radio button “Abg Bitrate (kbps)” and change it to 600.

After completing all the steps above, save your formatted video file in your preferred destination. Now, your video is completely web optimized.

5 Simple Steps To make handbrake videos web optimized