HostGator is one of the best hosting company. The best part about using HostGator is their frequent coupons.

The best coupon of HostGator is their 1 cent hosting coupon which can be used to get their baby plan or hatchling plan hosting for just 1 penny.


Coupon code Link:  GRAB1PENNY


You can use the above coupon code to get this 1 penny hosting for your website. Now I have revealed you the coupon let us talk more about HostGator.



How to apply this coupon?

Users can easily use this coupon by following 6 steps and can get one month hosting for just 1 cent.


Step 1:

Head over to this link Hostgator Web Hosting.


Step 2:

Choose either Hatchling or Baby plan.



Step 3:

If you don’t have a domain name then you need to register a new domain. If you already have a domain name then choose “I Already Own This Domain” section.


Step 4:

Choose a billing cycle for your hosting plan. Our recommendation would be 1 month billing cycle. Create an username and pin for your hosting account.

The pin will be used to verify your ownership of the account when contacting customer support.



Step 5:

Enter your billing details carefully.


Step 6:

You will be given with 4 additional settings option. Since our goal is to buy the hosting for just 1 cent we should un-check all the check boxes. Users can purchase these additional settings anytime they like.



Brief view of all these settings:


Sitelock monitoring:

Sitelock is a popular service which provides website security features. But, this is not needed for a starter website.


Professional email:

This might be necessary for email marketers who would require a professional email id. Having a professional email-id is highly recommended to run a successful business. But, for beginners it is not that much necessary and you can activate them any time you want. You need to keep in mind that an additional $5/month will be charged when you choose this option.


Site Backup

Using this setting helps in preventing loss of data. This setting costs $1.67/month and does frequent automatic backups for your website.


SSL certificate

If you are planning to launch a ecommerce website or a forum where website users enters their details then this could be necessary. But other than that if you are a beginner and just want to set-up a blog then you can skip this.


Step 7:

Enter the coupon code : GRAB1PENNY and click validate.


Step 8:

Finally, review your order and agree to the terms of service before clicking the checkout now button.

Congratulations, you have to now bought the HostGator hosting for just 1 penny. Now, spread the word and help your friends.


Why HostGator is giving out this 1 penny coupon?

The first thought which comes to anyone reading this article will be this. Let me try to answer this question.

Now, hosting industry is a very competitive industry and one of the most profitable one too. Anyone can start a hosting industry if they have some kind of initial investment.

But, if you want to sustain this competitive market then you have to decrease your profit compared to your other competitors. HostGator is doing the same thing, it is reducing it’s profits to acquire new customers.


Is HostGator Good?

Before answering this question let me rephrase this question a little bit why millions of users use HostGator?

HostGator is in this hosting business since 2002 and has gained millions of loyal users. Let me tell you some of the most common reasons for it.


Reason 1: Price

This is in fact the best reason for anyone to choose HostGator. This company provides the most affordable price for starter and established websites.

Just think about it, hosting coupon for just 1 cent is like giving it out for free.


Reason 2: Money Back Guarantee

HostGator gives all it’s users with 45 days money back guarantee. 45 days is more than enough for any user to test hostgator’s service.


Reason 3: Uptime Guarantee

HostGator guarantees it’s users with 99.9% uptime guarantee. But this is not a surprise being one of the best in hosting industry, this is expected from them.

This should be the major criteria users need to look into a hosting provider and HostGator excels in that.


Reason 4: One Click Install

A user-friendly control panel helps in installing various apps like phpmyadmin, WordPress, mySQL…etc with just a single click. Also, if you are familiar with control panel then you would be knowing that HostGator has one of the best control panel.


Reason 5: Customer Support

Technical support for customers is available all day round (24/7/365) for it’s users. Since HostGator us a global company, having branches all over the world. Also, users can contact their customer service anytime and for any query.



There is no reason why you should not use this 1 penny coupon. HostGator is leading in giving out coupon codes right now. There are also other coupon codes like “GRABHOST25” which gives a 25% discount on new hosting plan.

But, the clear winner is GRAB1PENNY coupon code which can be used to get the hosting for just one penny or one cent.


HostGator 1 cent coupon code: “GRAB1PENNY” Hosting at just $0.01