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Best websites out there not only publish good content they also have a nice domain name.So, let’s get started


What is a domain name ?

How each human being has a name , like that each website has its own name.
For eg. This websites doman name is vredvoice.com


How important is a domain name ?

If you ask me the importance of choosing a right domain in a scale of 0 to 10.
I will choose 8,
A great website can be developed without a good domain name, but it takes a long time to improve your search results.
Getting a nice doman reduces the task of SEO (search engine optimization) and SMM (social media marketting) to a great extent.


How not to register a domain name ?

ok, lets say this websites domain name is “virtual-realestate-development-voice .info” instead of vredvoice.com would you like it ?

These are the 8 points you should keep in mind in registering a domain name

The domain name should not be more than 12 characters.
⦁ The domain name should not contain any hyphen. for eg.(v-red-voice. com)
⦁ The domain name should not contain any numbers (unless you are targetting chinese traffic).
⦁ It should not contain any spelling errors (For eg. schooolbag .com)
⦁ It should be related to your website niche
⦁ Don’t choose a domain name other than .com extension.
⦁ The domain name should be memorable
⦁ Check for trademark infringement.


What are the best ways in registering a domain name ?

There are two ways in registering a domain
1. Registering an already expired domain name
2. Registering a new domain


Advantages and disadvantages of registering a expired domain name

1. Easy to improve search ranking
2. High traffic if the domain has some quality backlinks

1. May contain spammy backlinks
2. Might be penalized or banned by google


How to register a new domain name ?

You can either come up with a domain name of your own (dont forget to keep in mind the above 8 points)
or you can follow this,
Create a list of keywords related to your website niche (keywords are the words used by users in google search)
You can create this list by using google adwords keyword planner.
After creating the list, brainstorm different combinations of keywords and choose the one you like.

How to choose that awesome domain name for your website?