If you are involved in affiliate marketing, a lot of your time is going to involve the development of marketing campaigns. Some of the aspects of your campaigns might include content pages, landing pages, and squeeze pages.

The most essential of the three, content pages, provide facts to people who come to your website. Basically, it gives important information about certain items.

One example would be, if you are advertising an exercise equipment package, such as equipment, a mat and a DVD pack, through the marketplace on Amazon, you will develop content related to exercise. You might provide a number of resources like articles that offer people who come to the site relevant facts about the specific type of exercise that the product covers. At the same time, you will be able to refer to the specific exercise equipment ‘package’.

Content pages are essential in getting people just looking at the site to actually buy the product through relevant information. However, your content pages serve another critical purpose and that is in getting better search engine rankings. Search engines have the ability to determine the relevance of your content and have smart algorithms that can measure whether what you’ve written includes pertinent keywords. They then take this information and place a ranking on your website for relevancy when people submit certain words, keywords, to their search engine; it stands to reason that the search engines will only want to show sites high up in the rankings who are a good match.

With higher rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs), you will receive even more visitors and most likely a better quality visitor very quickly. Better quality, meaning more targeted to your offer if your content is very relevant to the terms people are searching. When someone searches “exercise DVD”, then they could be a great match to the content you’ve included on your website and they will subsequently be exposed to your affiliate promotions.

Narrow Your Focus


A great method of getting pinpointed affiliate campaigns is to develop websites that concentrate on a single area. For instance, you could choose between 10 and 20 items that are all related to one single area like a specific type of exercise such as Pilates.

From there you can build a website that holds a generous amount of high quality content around your niche and you simply add your affiliate links within the content or even just at the end of your articles. A gentle suggestion for your readers to check out the new Pilates mat over at your Amazon store is all it has to be sometimes, especially if you stick to offering useful, genuine content on your site rather than copied, low quality auto fill type content.

These kinds of websites are simple to develop; however you need to remember to create a different theme for every site if you want to create more than one. You will want to break up your affiliate campaigns to ensure that each site concentrates on just one single area. This is because you want specific people to visit these sites. One site might concentrate on Pilates for beginners, whilst another might focus on Pilates during pregnancy.

When you go to develop your site, consider what your audience wants. For instance, consider a person who wants to know more about Pilates who ended up on a site that is not just about Pilates. That person may not stay on the website very long because he or she might think the site is too broad and therefore not an authority on the specific area she’s interested in.

It is possible to have a broader offer across one site and be successful, but it can take some time to build up enough credibility to pull it off. You can gain the confidence of a site visitor more easily if she can see you are wholly focused on one specific topic. This is because your site will appear to, and most certainly should, provide the best and most relevant content to the specific audience so that visitors are confident to buy.

The Importance Of Content


As you think about developing the content for your website, come up with between 10 and 15 articles that are based on keywords that all center on the various aspects of your main topic.

As an illustration, for an affiliate website that is focused on anxiety, you would write a variety of articles that center on the various components of stress and anxiousness, such as self calming techniques, herbal remedies for stress reduction. After that, assign your articles an affiliate item that pertains to that aspect of stress. You might include a promotional box within the article and at the end. You can even build affiliate links right into the content as well.

Offer Value


There are a great deal of affiliate marketers who know very little about the subjects they’re building their campaigns around, they outsource their content most often not to experts and are not really focused on offering a lot value to their readers. Try not to be one of these types. If you can offer real, genuine value to your site visitors they will notice. When someone is interested in and has experience in a certain subject and they want to help others it comes across in all they do. If you are mad on Pilates then write about the latest Pilates expert and her new DVDs that you’ve bought.

If you talk about your actual experience with products and share that with others, you’ll do well when you recommend those same things to your site visitors. It all comes down to genuineness really and offering great information to others to make their buying decisions easier for them.

At the end of the day, it’s always a great feeling to know we’ve helped others, they’ve taken our recommendation and the person whose product they buy is happy to share in the sale proceeds as a thank you to us for helping them get the sale. See, everyone can win when we want them to! :)

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