CTR expanded as click-through-rate is an important metric for bloggers. CTR helps in determining how your blog posts are performing in search engines.


What is CTR?

Click-through-rate or CTR is calculated using percentage. It is the percentage ratio of number of clicks to that of number of impressions

For example, if your blog receives 150 clicks with 4500 impressions.

CTR = (150/4500) * 100 = 3.33%

CTR can also be used to calculate your ad-performance.



Improve blog traffic with CTR

You can get your CTR data through Google’s web master tools. This data will only be available for websites added to google’s search console.

Within 48 hours of Google’s search console verification CTR and impressions data can be accessed.To access these data you need to navigate to Search Traffic → Search Analytics.


Make Sure that all 4 metrics Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Position are checked.


You will be able to see the metrics for each ranking keyword. The metrics will be in the order of clicks, impressions, CTR and position.


When you sort the impressions in ascending order. You will be able to find that even with high number of impressions, CTR will be low for some keywords.

Now find the posts in your blog which are ranking for these keywords.


Common reasons for low CTR:

  • Unattractive title
  • Irrelevant meta tags and description
  • Poor ranking in search engines


Now that you have found your low CTR posts. Replace the title of these posts with catchy keywords.Also, make sure that your targeted keyword are present in the description.

To get a better ranking in search engines, try these steps.

  • Make your content useful and relevant
  • Remove unnecessary information in your content
  • Compress Images
  • Improve page speed
  • Make the page mobile responsive

Above steps help you in improving your Click-through-rate (CTR). Which in-turn helps you in driving more traffic to your blog.


How to use CTR in search console to improve blog traffic