AdSense is the most popular advertising network used by thousands of small-scale publishers and advertisers worldwide. But, not all publishers are successful with AdSense.

There are only few web masters who profit from AdSense.

There are three major factors affecting the amount of money a website makes with AdSense they are:

  • Website niche
  • Target country
  • Number of page views


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Website Niche

This is according to me the most important factor which decides the revenue you can earn with AdSense.

For people who don’t know, AdSense pays publishers on the basis of CPC (cost per click).

CPC is the amount a publisher receives for each click.

For example, if CPC for an advertisement is $0.35 per click then for each click the publisher receives $0.35.

So, now I think you got the point higher the CPC higher will be the AdSense revenue.


Since there is different competition for different niches not all ads get the same CPC. For example, in finance sector there are many advertisers with high ad-budget.But, there are not much advertisers for “fun jokes” niche.

If you have a website related to “finance”,”loan”,”mortgage”,”health”,”technology”..etc then the average CPC of your AdSense ads will be around $1.5 to $5 or more.

On the other hand if your website is related to “jokes”,”games”, “fun quotes”..etc then your average CPC will be around just $0.1 to $2.

To reap the benefits of your hard work, it would be wise to choose a competitive niche with high paying CPC.


Target Country Of Your Website

Country from where you get most of your website’s visitors is the second most important factor when it comes to earning with AdSense.

Again, the major reason why the target country is important is because of CPC.

Now, if most of your website’s user traffic originates from third world nations like India, Sri Lanka…etc then the CPC you would be getting might be as low as $0.03 per click.

On the flip side if most your website’s traffic is from developed nations such as USA, Canada or United Kingdom..etc then your CPC will be as high as $2 to $5 per click.

On conclusion choose smartly on which country you would like to target for your website.


Number Of Page Views


Number of page views and unique visitors is also an important stat to watch out for.

For example if you have a website related to “finance”and targeted country is “Canada”. The number of views is “3000 page views/month” then your average CPC might be around “$3”.

Let’s assume you get “300 clicks” out of 3000 page views in the above example.

Then the average amount of money you would be earning will be around $900 per month.


Now, let’s take another example where your website is related to “fun quotes” and targeted country is “India”. The number of page views is “30000/month” then your average CPC might be around “$0.3”.

Let’s assume you get “3000 clicks” out of 30000 page views, then your average AdSense revenue would be ¬†$900 per month.

You can see from the above examples, that although the number of visitor has a huge difference still the amount of money earned is the same.


Hence, to make your blog or website successful you have to concentrate on all the above 3 factors.

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3 Major Factors Affecting the Amount of Money You make with Adsense
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