In this post let us discuss the pros and cons of using pheenix to backorder domain names.

About Pheenix

Pheenix is a California based domain pending delete drop catching service provider servicing domaining industry for more than 5 years.

Although they are famous for backorder service, pheenix also auctions domain name listings like namejet or flippa or snapnames.

Pheenix review

Plans and Prices to backorder

Major edge of pheenix over it’s competitors is their price structure, pheenix is beyond doubt one of the most inexpensive drop catcher available now.

They have two types of plans available currently:

  1. Super saver plan: $13.99
  2. Gold backorder plan: $21.99

This is relatively cheap compared to other leading backorder service providers like snapnames or namejet which is around $69.


How To Backorder

Pheenix is not recommended for premium domains backorders like 3L or 4L .com. Whereas if the domain you are chasing is a decent level domain then pheenix is highly recommended.

Snapnames, Namejet and dropcatch are the big sharks in backordering domain names, if the domain is backordered then there is no way you would be able to get the domain through pheenix.

So, before giving backorder check whether the domain is backordered in snapnames or namejet  or dropcatch. If it is, then to be on the safer side place the backorders in every service provider.

If the domain is not backordered in any of the above mentioned marketplaces then pheenix itself is sufficient to acquire the domain name.


What Happens if there are multiple backorders

When pheenix started it used to be on first-cum-first serve basis, that is the person who backordered first will get the domain name if acquired.

But, since 2013 first-cum-first serve was removed and they started allowing multiple backorders for a single domain name.

If a domain is backordered by more than one person then the domain name goes into a public auction where even the third parties who have not placed the backorder can bid on the domain name.

If a domain name has a super saver backorder and also a gold plan backorder then, the person with the gold plan will be given higher priority to register the domain name.


Tell us your experience with Pheenix in the comment section below. Review: Domain backorder service
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2 thoughts on “ Review: Domain backorder service

  • November 26, 2016 at 8:38 am


    very nice article thank you….
    I have one doubt….
    “If i not win in auction. They give my money back or not”

    • December 3, 2016 at 2:15 pm

      Hi Sam,
      Not only in pheenix in any domain auction marketplace, you pay only when you win the auction.

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