Revcontent is a content recommendation network also know as “native advertising network” founded in 2013 by JohnLemp.

Recently popular online brands like Forbes are taking recourse to native ads, since it increases their rate of ROI (return of investment).

Using native ads is beneficial to both publishers and advertisers.That’s why not only advertisers even publishers are showing lot of interest in native advertising.


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revcontent native advertising review


Is Revcontent a scam ?

No, Revcontent is not scam it is legit and paying. It is now one of the fastest growing company in advertising industrty.

Within a short span of time Revcontent claims to have reached 200 billion content recommendations per month.Which is not a small feat, considering there are lot of advertising companies out there which are going bankrupt day by day.


What’s good about Revcontent? A Complete Review

Let’s explore why top brands like Reuters, Newsweek, International Business Times and many more are using Revcontent to monetize their website.


User Experience

Their ad display feeds are highly personalized for each users visiting your website. Unlike other advertising agency ads revcontent’s ads goes along with your content and users interests.This helps in enriching experience of users.


Responsive Widget

Their ad widgets are responsive, adaptive and device friendly.So, whichever device your users use whether it is mobile,laptop or desktop ad widgets adapts to that device.


Search Engine Ranking

Most of the native advertising ads affects your search engine ranking due to their intrusive nature and poor design.

But, Revcontent ads gets adapted to the website’s design and content publishers don’t need to worry about search engine penalty.




revcontent features



Their advertising platform comes with a lot of features for its publishers like gallery implementation, infinite scroll and many more.

Being a digital marketer ourselves we all know the value of each click made by our users. Their Gallery implementation technology helps you embed ads within gallery, this increases the chance of getting more clicks.Gallery implementation also reduces the intrusive nature of advertisements for your users.

Their infinite  scroll technology helps increasing the engagement of users using your blog.This reduces the bounce rate of your website, which also helps in gaining returning customers.


Customization and Layout Types

Another positive factor of their platform is the ability to customize your ad widgets.They also have various types of ad layouts to choose from.

Types of ad layouts

  • Standard Pic Text layout: Displays a customizable layout of thumbnail images above engaging content headlines.
  • Pic Text + Dual Link Texts: Two columns of link lists displayed below a standard pic text widget.
  • Standard Hover Block: Rollover style pic text widget, mouse over will animate panel to show entire headline
  • Hover Block + Dual Link Texts: Two columns of link texts displayed below a hover block pic text widget.
  • In-Article type: Placed within content
  • Standard Line Text: Text only list
  • Double Link Texts: Dual column, vertical link lists of text only content.
  • API

All these 8 types of layout can be customized to your preference and needs.You can even add custom css to your widgets using their dashboard


Audience Targeting


Revcontent audience targeting


This is another feather in cap feature of Revcontent, audience targeting provides publishers and advertisers the tool to retarget the users based on their previous interaction with the site.

For example, if a user visits a page on your website you can target the user with personalized ads when the user visits the same page again.

They have even applied patent for this feature, simply put this feature allows you to re-engage users visited your site in the past.


Performance Monitoring

With the help of their API feature monitoring your ads performance is very easy.Their API feature is lot more beneficial to advertisers rather than publishers, but still publishers can also use it.

Publishers can use API to get list of all widgets and SubID stats of each widget.Their customer support is top-notch, each query is manually responded within 48 hours.


Can Revcontent be used with adsense?

Yes, Revcontent can be used with adsense, infact there are lot of websites which are using both adsense and revcontent simultaneously.


Revcontent Payment Method

Revcontent follows net30 payment that is, you will be paid in the interval of 30 days.Payment gateway used is paypal, so it is mandatory for you to have a paypal account to get payment from Revcontent.


What’s bad about Revcontent?

Although this advertising platform has a lot of positive factors, there are some limitations and restrictions.


Requirements For Approval

Revcontent in lot of ways is more useful for advertisers rather than publishers. Their requirements for websites to get approval is hard to meet, only high traffic websites can get approval easily.

For your website to get fast approval your website needs to have minimum 50000 page views per month.

Your website needs to be updated regularly with engaging content and should have less bounce rate.

In short, Revcontent is not a platform for small publishers, it is a platform for advertisers and high end publishers.

They reject over 98% of the sites submitted for approval process.


Content Guidelines

Like all popular ad networks Revcontent also follows some strict content guidelines.


revcontent approval


If your website falls under any of the below criteria then there is less chance of getting approval from Revcontent.

  • Malware websites
  • Adult content
  • Weapons
  • Trade Sanctions and Restricted Parties
  • Unapproved Pharmaceuticals and Supplements
  • Weight Loss Claims
  • False Testimonials and Before & After images
  • Misleading and Deceptive practices
  • Phishing
  • Third Party Trial offers
  • Cloaking
  • Violence and Hate
  • Illegal Hacking
  • Copyright Violations
  • Counterfeit Goods

There are still many more content guidelines, you can check all of that here : Content FAQ.



Without doubt revcontent is one of the best native advertising network like outbrain and taboola.This platform is best suited for advertisers and blogs having high amount of traffic.

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Revcontent Review: Things You Should Know Before Signing Up