Do you have lots of books gathering dust on your shelves? Perhaps you even own brand new books that you have never read and are never likely to read. If so then it could be time for you to sell books on Amazon!

It’s as simple as sorting through your book collection and then you can make money online by selling your unwanted titles on the Marketplace section of the Amazon website.

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Tips for making money selling books on Amazon

Focus on Selling Non-Fiction and Text Books

Non-fiction and text books tend to sell for much higher prices than popular fiction books and mass market paperbacks. Before listing a book, always find out how many other sellers are offering it and for how much, so that you will be able to price your book competitively.


Do Your Research Before Pricing Your Book

You may think that, if you list a book at a price just below the lowest price already listed, you will increase your chances of a quick sale. However, this is not always the case. Buyers also take into account the condition of the book, the seller’s feedback rating and the country from which the book will be dispatched. They are less likely to buy a book that will be mailed from overseas because they will have to wait longer for the book to be delivered.

So, look at the other books on offer and compare them to yours in terms of the seller’s feedback rating, country of dispatch and the book’s condition, as well as the price. Based on this information, you can then decide on a competitive price for your book.


Be Honest When Describing Your Book

Buyers know that a second-hand book will not be in perfect condition, so do not be afraid to describe the condition of your book accurately.

It is also a good idea to give as many details as possible. So, instead of just stating, “very good condition,” write: “Pages are clean, tight, unmarked and crease-free. One crease on the spine and a little edge wear to the cover.”  In this case, a potential buyer is likely to have more confidence in you as a seller and may choose to buy your book rather than that of another seller.

Also, if you describe a book honestly and accurately, the buyer will be much less likely to be disappointed with the condition of the book and will most probably give you the most positive feedback rating of 5/5, even for a book that is in fair condition.


Be Professional and Approachable

Even if you are just selling a few of your own books on Amazon, it is a good idea to establish a reputation as a professional and approachable seller in order to maximize your sales.

Always print out and include the Amazon Marketplace packing slip with each book that you sell. It is also a good idea to include a note with the book or send an email to the buyer asking him or her to contact you directly before leaving feedback on Amazon, if he or she is unhappy with the purchase. Include your email address so that the buyer can easily contact you.

This should avoid feedback of less than 5/5 being given by the buyer. If, however, a buyer does leave less than excellent feedback, contact him or her directly through Amazon and ask if you can do anything to resolve the issue.

If you follow these guidelines, it won’t be long before you start to make money by selling your unwanted books on the Amazon Marketplace. You may then decide to make more cash by selling your other unwanted items, such as CDs, DVDs, and games.

Thousands of potential buyers are regularly surfing Amazon and many of them are looking for bargain items, so it makes sense to tap into this huge market.

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Make Money Online Selling Books on Amazon
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