Anyone who has ever experienced the excitement of putting up their first website for sale, will know that excitement can quickly turn into worry when the auction doesn’t attract any quick bids or general interest. Following on from that can be feelings of rejection, and you might even begin to think that selling web property doesn’t work. This situation can leave you completely demotivated and wanting to stop selling sites altogether.

Even though the reality is that not every site will sell, that doesn’t mean you can’t aim for and actually achieve a better than average sell through rate.

This article will cover the things you need to focus on, to increase your chances of a high sell through rate on your Flippa auctions for start up blogs.


how to sell using flippa


When building start up sites to sell (sites with no traffic or revenue to speak of), I like to aim for the site to appeal to as broad a range of potential buyers as possible. If I can appeal to a variety of buyers then my chances of the site selling are markedly increased.

Just like a restaurant who offers kids meals, vegetarian options and meat lovers pizza will appeal to a wider audience, so too will sites that show off great graphics, reasonable amounts of content, attractive domain names etc. The key is ensuring that the sites you build tick as many of these boxes as possible.Some buyers are only interested in the site looking good, whilst others want the site to look good and to be in a very popular niche. Other buyers will be looking for great domain names, and some will want the whole package including high quality unique content.

If you solely focus on selecting a popular niche then you are limiting your potential buyer pool. If you focus on design and unique content, but put the site on a .info domain then your site won’t be all that appealing to those buyers looking for good domain names. There is a time and a place for narrowing your sites for sale down to one type of customer, but for start up blogs that many sellers offer, I suggest you try to focus on appealing to a broader range of buyers. In other words offer excellent graphics, premium themes if you have a license, .com domains, unique content and even an ebook sold from a mini sales page within the site.


The Complete Package

Buyers get attracted by the ‘complete’ package, and that is very satisfying knowing they can appreciate all aspects of the offer. There are some buyers who took the site to pieces and the only recognisable part left was the content.

It can be frustrating to think you put in a lot of effort into a design only to see it tossed out, you wonder why you bothered when the site would have sold without it. Well in hindsight of course you can say that, but the thing is you can never be certain what types of buyers are browsing the listings at any given moment.

At the end of the day you really need to consider the following points and aim to appeal to the various buyers who focus on one or all of these aspects:

  • Domain Name
  • Design
  • Market/Niche
  • Content
  • Monetization
  • SEO

It’s very easy to fall in love with your sites as you build them and to convince yourself that they’re worth hundreds and hundreds of dollars, but not everyone sees and or appreciates the opportunities you’ve built in. That being said, it’s very important to have effective sales copy in your auction listing.

If you over price your listings at the outset you miss the opportunity that being at the top of the listings page brings, which is more eye balls. Many people panic a day or two into the auction, realising that the site could be over priced for the current market conditions and then adjusting their reserve and BIN.

It’s not an exact science, but don’t work against yourself by putting up very unrealistic prices and then trying to play catch up after the horse has already bolted.

At the end of the day, there are no guarantees no matter how much you do and often you will need to adjust prices as you go along, but hopefully not by $100 increments. There are things you can do to try to increase your sell through rate though.


Staying The Course

So now you’re probably thinking that by the time you put in all this effort into these sites, and try to tick all these boxes you’ll end up working for less than minimum wage; that can be true at the outset. If you’re learning FTP, WordPress installations, transferring sites and pretty much a newbie to either Internet marketing and or selling web property then yes, the rate of return per hour of time invested can be low. This type of thinking won’t help you stay the course though; you need to remember that everything takes time to learn, and if you don’t have the time or inclination to dedicate to what you need to know then you will find it unpleasant and unprofitable indeed.

If on the other hand you feel you want to invest in your knowledge, practise what you learn over and over and gradually increase the speed at which you work, then you’ll have a good chance of making money from this model.


Increasing Your Sell Through Rate At Flippa
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