If you are one of those who thinks that SEO is dead then this post is for you. In this post we will be discussing about how to rank high in google with the help of some awesome SERP tips and tricks.

For the past few years lot of companies have started heavily investing on their digital marketing ad campaigns. But, lot of digital marketers don’t know with a little bit of smart work we webmasters can increase the amount of organic traffic.


Keywords Placement

The first tip would be to concentrate on your key words, make sure that you place your key words in your title.

If you look carefully while searching websites on google, most of the websites that pop up will directly have your title in their heading.

seo tips

From the above picture you can see that other than Wikipedia, most of the websites which are ranking well have the keywords in the start of their title.So, always don’t forget to put your keywords at the start of your post title.


From the above example image we can see that keywords should not only be placed on title it should also be placed in your URL.So, by adding your important keywords in both title and URL there is a higher chance of your post ranking high in google search.


Meta Description

Meta descriptions are another important criteria when it comes to search engine optimization.Make sure that your meta description is concise and explains clearly what your post is about.

Recommended words for meta description is 156 words, use these 156 words smartly and clearly.User reading your description should understand the complete essence of your post, this improves your CTR (Click Through Rate).

Below is an example on how to use meta properly:


Link Structure

Another important concept is link structure of your website, you should have a proper link structure such that all pages are linked together.

For example in this website you can see that in the above tabs I have linked to all common important type of posts like blogging, affiliate marketing… etc. This helps in increasing your crawling rate by google bots and other search engine bots.

You should also prepare a google xml site map and submit it to google search console. Xml site map helps google to link your content based on the importance and it also helps search engines to identify the niche of your website.


Robot.txt File

Robot.txt file tells search engine bots and other bots what to crawl and what not to crawl in your website. For example, you might have a web page for terms and conditions which you do not want to be crawled by google. So, you can block bots from crawling specific web pages by adding a robot.txt file.

Website Speed

Last and final step is improving your website speed, make sure to have a clean code and good hosting.Google gives a lot of importance to your site speed, so make sure to sign up with a good hosting provider and also make sure to optimize your images.



SERP Tips: Top 5 SEO Tricks To Rank High In Any Search Engines