Let us see in this tutorial on how to get target website traffic by countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom and other similar developed countries.



Reasons on Why Country specific website traffic is needed

There are lot of advantages in gaining traffic from targeted countries. Let us see what are they,


AdSense income

Country Location of the website’s traffic plays a major role in determining AdSense CPC. We know that AdSense revenue is largely depended upon CPC (cost-per-click).

Hence, website’s with targeted traffic originating from developed countries like USA, Canada, United Kingdom…etc earns more when compared to Websites with traffic from developing countries like India, SriLanka or African Nations.



According to Wikipedia:

Bounce Rate represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and then leave (“bounce”) rather than continuing on to view other pages within the same site.

Gaining traffic from unwanted countries increases your bounce rate and which in turn affects your website’s search engine ranking.

Now, let us take an example:

Mr.A is from china who doesn’t knew English and knows only Chinese. Now when Mr.A visits a blog which is targeted for US customers, he won’t stay. He will immediately close the website and will move to another website. This in-turn increases your bounce rate.


Target Website Traffic By Country

Now, you understood the reasons on why we need to target website traffic based on country. Now, let us see how we can do that and what are the different ways involved.


Tip 1: International Targeting

Google’s search console allows bloggers to specific the country which they would like to target for their website. This step is very effective in getting traffic from targeted countries.

To set your target country:

login to your Search Console and look for an option called International Targeting under Search Traffic tab. (Refer below screenshot)



Before setting this option you need to be really careful, since it is not recommended to make frequent changes with this option.

Although, this method is highly effective, this step alone is not sufficient to gain targeted traffic. Google and other search engines looks for many other factors to determine the country relevancy of your blog.


Tip 2: Writing Country Targeted Content

The next major factor when it comes to targeting a country is content. Your content should be useful to the users of the particular country you are trying to target.

For example, If you want to target United Kingdom then your blog’s content should be related to United Kingdom.


Writing country targeted content is not that difficult. There are two steps to generate content relevant to a country:

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  • Selecting a niche Eg. Food Recipe
  • Finding country specific search keywords



Selecting a niche

This is the most important step in making your blog successful. You can select any niche like gaming, movies, politics, food…etc. But the niche you select should be popular in your targeted country.

You should have interest and knowledge in the niche you select. If you are planning for long term, then choose a niche which you like the most. What I am trying to say is “If you don’t know about cooking, then there is no point in selecting this niche”.


Finding Country Specific Search Keywords

This is another important step to gain laser target traffic from your desired country. There are different tools online to find search engine keywords.

Google’s keywords planner is one of the most popular tool to find search keywords. But, you have a disadvantage in using this tool. Since this is a free tool almost all bloggers and digital marketers use this tool to find keywords.

Hence, I recommend you to use a premium tool like Semrush to find keywords. Semrush is a popular and efficient tool to find keywords.

After selecting your niche and country-specific keywords, start writing your content. To be successful online you need to do smart work more than hard work.


Target Website Traffic by Country by Following these Tips